There are a range of Superkart classes from the 125cc Non-Gearbox right through to the 250cc International Superkarts, capable of speeds of up to 240kph.  There are two main types of Superkart, Non-Gearbox and Gearbox.

The Non-Gearbox is considered the entry level of Superkarting, with the 125cc Rotax adapted directly from Sprint Karting for the unique requirements of Long Circuit racing. The Non-Gearbox class may well be the cheapest form of motorsport sanctioned by CAMS, but it also produces some of the closest and most entertaining racing, with slip-streaming and constant changes of position in every race.

There are several classes of gearbox Superkarts, with engine capacities of 125cc and 250cc. Many of the engines are adapted from motocross motorcycles, while the 125cc and 250cc twin cylinder classes are dominated by Grand Prix motorcycle and Superkart specific engines. The costs are proportionately higher, as are the speeds and excitement.

Needless to say, Superkarts offer a choice of classes to match your budget, mechanical expertise and desire for the ultimate adrenaline rush. Click on each class name to find out more information

125 Non-Gearbox


125 Stock Honda


125 Open Gearbox


250/450 National


250 International