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Sydney Motorsport Park was the venue for the last NSW Superkart Round of the season. 12 Superkarts came out to qualify in perfect sunny conditions. Tony Moit and Laurence Fooks represented the 250cc class and the rest were 125cc superkarts in different classes (gearbox, Rotax Light and heavy and Stock Honda). Lee Vella continued his season long form to set the fastest time of 1:39.0957. Moit was second fastest, followed by Robert Trimmer and Adam Stewart. The unfortunate Fooks was not able to set a time.

In Race 1, Vella made the best start from Mark Robin and Trimmer. Fooks race finished before it even started with a DNF without completing a lap. The other 250cc driver Moit, suffered the same fate a lap later. As the race developed, Vella and Robin pulled away from the rest and diced throughout the race. This would be a trend that continued during the whole day.

Mehmet Sinani ran into the trouble during the second lap, and he was forced to retire. By mid-race distance, the two leaders powered away from Trimmer. Adam Stewart was running in a strong 4th position. Lauren Shand was 5th and Blake Roese in 6th. The unlucky Stewart retired on the penultimate lap allowing Shand to move up in 4th. The result was Vella 1st, Robin 2nd and Trimmer 3rd.

Moit did not make the start for race 2, Vella and Robin continued their battle from the start, Trimmer and Shand battled for racing room during the initial laps. Fooks and Sinani suffered DNF’s early on, leaving 9 other drivers to race for the spoils. The best dice of the race beside the two leaders, was the battle between Joc Dos Santos, Stuart Robertson and Mark Vickers. These 3 drivers justled for positions throughout the race.

In this race Robin could not hang onto the leader, Vella was in a class of his own, incrementally pulling a small gap each lap. At the end Vella won by a margin of 9 seconds, Robin came home in 2nd. Stewart was 3rd and Trimmer was 4th. Shand was consistent finishing 5th and Blake Roese ran a lonely race to finish 6th.

Only 10 starters gridded up for the start of race 3. Robin and Vella made the best start again, Stewart, Trimmer and Shand managed to stay closer to the leader this time. Fooks misery continued with another retirement. As the race matured Vella and Robin pulled away, Stewart was in lonely 3rd position. The battle for 4th was intense between Trimmer and Shand, with these drivers swapping position throughout the race.

Another great dice was Dos Santos, Vickers and Robertson. This lasted most of the race until Dos Santos retired with one lap to go. Roese was running midpack by himself. At the front, Robin was hounding Vella. Looking for a way past at every opportunity. At the end, it was to no avail with Vella taking another win. Robin was a strong 2nd and Stewart was 3rd. Shand got the better of Trimmer to finish 4th.

The final race was run under light on Saturday evening, the Superkarts looked 1st class undelights, credit to all the competitors for the effort in presentation. Some drivers installed decorative lights, while some paint jobs really stood out (namely Blake Roese). 10 Superkarts started in the final race of the season, Fooks lead the pack into turn 2 (being a 250cc Kart, he started alone at the front). All fingers crossed that he would last the race distance.

Vella and Robin continued their form at front. Stewart and Shand diced for 3rd position as the unfortunate Trimmer retired. Dos Santos, Vickers and Robertson proceeded to drive nose to tail for the initial laps. It was a competition on who was the last of the breakers at turn 2. During the 3rd lap, Fooks ran into trouble again with 4 retirements in row. At the front Vella had a real fight on his hands, Robin was reading the serial number of the rear of Vella’s race plate. Both drivers giving their all for the final race win. Shand was putting a great show trying to make the podium, when unfortunately, her machinery let her down.

The result was Vella from Robin by a mere 0.0429 of a second. Vella was magnificent all day, credit to Robin for keeping him honest. With the demise of Shand, Stewart was a comfortable 3rd. Roese was consistent all day and was rewarded with a great 4th. Vickers outgunned Do Santos to finish 5th and 6th respectively. Robertson was the last running kart in 7th. Congratulation to Vella, making it 4 wins from 4 starts, capping off a great 2022. Looking forward to a new season in 2023.