2022 MSA NSW Motor Race Championship Round 4
Sydney Motorsport Park

NSW Superkart Championship – 7th of June


A relatively small field of 11 entered in the NSW State Championship. One 250cc of Dylan Stephens and ten 125cc from different classes. The other drivers were; Aaron Cogger, Arthur Magaitis, Adam Stewart, Blake Roese, Graeme Taplin, Lauren Shand, Mark Vickers, Robert Trimmer, Wayne Thompson and Wesley Thompson. Qualifying was held early Sunday morning and the day would consist of 4 races. As expected, Stephens in the 250cc would set the fastest time. He was followed by Cogger, Trimmer and Shand. Magaitis qualified 7th fastest, however he ran into mechanical trouble and would not participate in any of the races.

Stephens made the best start and quickly pulled away from Cogger and Shand. The leader proceeded to pull away and the field spread out. During the second lap, Shand was passed by Trimmer and Stewart. As this was happening, the unfortunate Taplin retired from the race. The race stabilized, all the drivers were separated and finding their own rhythm. Stephens was comfortable in front when he also ran into mechanical trouble. Cogger inherited the lead and would not relinquish this position. The final result was Cogger 1st, Trimmer was 2nd from Stewart. Shand recovered well to finish 4th from Vickers. Roese had a lonely race and finished 6th. Wesley Thompson was 7th and Wayne Thompson 8th.

Oil left at the exit of turn 2 from a previous race played a part in the outcome in race 2. Still only 10 starters with Mehmet Sinani joining the field for this race however, Stephens would not start. Cogger made the best start from Stewart and Trimmer. The field rounded turn 2 for the first time and any driver that took a wide line found it hard to put the power down with the dirty track surface.
Stewart went past Cogger to take the lead and proceeded to pull away. Trimmer in 3rd place started catching Cogger, and the two put on a great show for the remainder of the race. Westley Thomson and Taplin also were having a great dice. The latter tried to make an overtaking move coming out of turn 2. He went wide and his kart could not steer on the oily surface. He proceeded to go wide onto the ripple strip and eventually grass. Somehow, he powered through the situation and was able to rejoin the track. Shand kart expired causing her to retire. Stewart won comfortably with a ten second margin from Cogger and Trimmer. Vickers was 4th from Roese. Wesley Thomson and Taplin continued their dice till the end and they finished 6th and 7th respectively. Sinani was 8th and Wayne Thomson was the last runner in 9th.

Cogger made the best start in race from Trimmer and Stewart. Shand was showing speed, however her kart was misfiring in certain spots. You could see her hands gesticulating in frustration every time it misfired. At one stage she slowed down considerably, but to her credit she soldiered on. Taplin was not so lucky; he was the first DNF with out concluding a 

single lap. As the race matured, Cogger and Trimmer diced in close proximity for the lead. Stewart was third a long way behind. Vickers and the misfiring Shand fought for 4th place. Sinani was another unfortunate retirement. At conclusion, Cogger got the better of Trimmer winning the race. Stewart finished 3rd, Shand came home 4th despite of the gremlins in her kart, Vickers was 5th. Roese, Wesley Thomson and Wayne Thomson made up the balance of the field.

Race 4 was a case of the survival of the fittest. As the field came around the last corner to start the race, Taplin’s kart started misfiring and slowing down. He fiddled with the engine as his machine was slowing to nearly a full stop. The downhill section of the track allowed him to roll into the pits……. he would be a nonstarter. Cogger made a brilliant start from Trimmer and Stewart. The dice for 2nd was intense and it lasted for the first 3 laps. Trimmer started his journey down the main straight and unfortunately put his hand to retire. He was about to cut across to enter the pits but decided against it due to the close proximity of Stewart. As mentioned before, it was the survival of the fittest. Shand and Sinani also retired leaving only six drivers circulating. With only a few karts left the field was rather spread out, you could hear the echoes of distant engines in a vast empty track. At the end Cogger 

won comfortably from Stewart. The consistent Roese came home in 3rd overall. Vickers was 4th from Wesley Thomson and Wayne Thomson.

Overall, it was a good day’s racing, looking forward to bigger fields at the next rounds.