2023 MSA NSW Superkart Championship- 29th of October


Perfect racing conditions greeted the Superkart drivers as they rolled out to qualify early Sunday morning. Dylan Stephens comfortably claimed pole as he was the only 250cc kart competing this weekend. Laurie Fook was the fastest of the 125cc brigade followed by Adam Stewart and Mark Vickers. Jock Dos Santos qualified 5th from Stuart Robertson and Wayne Horswell. Queenslander Paul Buckley was 8th fastest, Justin Levis and Arthur Magaitis rounded out the top 10.

Clean start by all in race 1, with Stephens pulling out in front. By the second lap, the leader increased the gap to a trio of karters that were dicing for 2nd; Dos Santos, Magaitis and Vickers. Buckley was running in 5th position just ahead of a pursuing pack. Warren McGrouther ran into trouble with his kart stopping just before turn 6. This caused a stationary yellow and no overtaking in that corner.

The following lap, Nathan Ashworth spun at turn 6. His kart nearly stalled, skilfully he managed to keep his engine running. He drove away but unfortunately retired not long after that. As the race matured, Stephens increased his lead from a hard charging Vickers. Magaitis and Dos Santos diced for 3rd as Buckley and Robertson battled for 5th. Stevens won comfortably from Vickers and Dos Santos. Magaitis got the better of Buckley to finish 4th.

Race 2 started in a similar fashion to the previous race, but Stephens would not have it all his way. Fooks and Stewart put a lot of pressure on the leader in the opening lap. It would not last long for Fooks, with an untimely retirement. As the race settled, it was Stephens and Stewart up front. The 3rd place dice was further back, it included; Dos Santos, Vickers, Magaitis and McGrouther.

Stewart was matching Stephens lap times and eventually went past him to claim the lead. Battle packs formed throughout the field, Alan Dodge was having a great dice with Horswell. Robertson and Buckly were going head-to-head.

Towards the end of the race Levis had an unfortunate spin at the approach of the last turn, he resumed but lost plenty of time. Stewart won from Stephens. Dos Santos claimed 3rd from McGrouther and Vickers.

Stephens made another great start in race 3, he was pursued by Stewart and Fooks. As the race settled the 3 leaders pulled away from the rest of the pack and maintained a constant gap between each other. The battle for 4th was a different story, drivers swapping position, great lunges under brakes. McGrouther, Vickers, Magaitis and Dos Santos put on a brilliant show for all to see. It epitomised what Superkarts is all about.

It all came to an end for Magaitis, when his kart suddenly slowed at turn 2. his engine was still going, but he had no drive, he coasted to a halt at turn 3 causing a stationary yellow. Further back. Buckley, Robertson and Dodge were having a spirited battle of their own.  At the end Stephens got his revenge from Stewart to claim another win. Fooks was 3rd. Dos Santos and McGrouther rounded out the top 5.

Race 4 was a bit of an anticlimax, Buckley spun at turn 2 on the warm up lap. He got going again, however he retired not long after that. The race was managed under the safety car for 3 laps for safety reasons. At the eventual restart, Fooks made the best of it and took an early lead from Stephens and Stewart.  Unfortunately, this would only last one lap, with Fooks retiring.

The following lap McGrouther suffered the same fate. With only 3 flying laps the field never really had the chance to get into a racing groove. Dos Santos kart was starting to understeer as he arrived at turn 2. At one stage it looked like he was going to spear off in the outfield, to his credited he wrangled his machine and kept it on the black stuff.

Dylan Stephens won again to make it 3 out of 4 wins. Stewart kept the leader honest and finished a strong 2nd. Dos Santos was 3rd from Vickers. Dodge finished 5th, Robertson was 6th. Levis edged out Horswell to claim 7th position.