Stock Honda

Stock Honda is the newest class in Superkarting. It’s a 125 gear box class introduced for the entry level racer who is more ‘budget minded’. It requires less maintenance than the other gear box classes and less technical ability to race at the pointy end but in saying that it still rewards the karter who spends more time on set up, prep and practice. All karts are incredibly similar in performance so the focus is more on the driver than the equipment.

The class uses only CIK approved shifter chassis (front brakes) which are widely available throughout Australia as they are used in other classes. The motor is a Honda 1999 CR 125 2 stroke motorcross engine with a 6-speed gear box that is strictly regulated so all motors perform the same. They can run a full season without a rebuild and it is not required to pull them down for inspection after races. Tyres life is another bonus for this class as it’s not uncommon to use the same set for multiple meetings.

Performance is incredible for the outlay with speeds of 185km per hour and lap times of Wakefield = 1.04     Sydney Motorsport Park (Eastern Creek) = 1.43   Phillip Island = 1.49    Winton = Short 59 sec Long 1.29   Mallala = 1.15    Lakeside = 59   

Costs: A new kart with all the parts needed for the season will cost around $11,000. There are second hand karts becoming available all the time from $6,000 – $8,000. This will become cheaper as it’s a new class at this time. There is little to no performance drop with second hand karts. All spare parts are cheap and available at all karting or bike shops. 

A toggle switch starter motor has been approved for Stock Honda. This means no more push starts if you would like to go that way. Check with the club for regulations on this.

If you want to race hassle free with gears, Stock Honda is the way to go. Fill the tank, put air in the tyres and go race with your state club on Australia’s premium tracks.