Rotax Max Non-Gearbox (Light & Heavy)

The Rotax Max is the NGB (Non Gearbox) class of Superkarting. Perfect for budget conscious and perfect for those who don’t have a lot of mechanical knowledge. It’s also perfect for those who prefer to arrive and race, spend more time enjoying the day with your mates as these Superkarts just keep going.

You can use ANY Rotax Max engine. No it must be from a particular years barrel, if you have a 2001 for example, use it. These Superkarts are around 28HP, at Sydney Motorsport Park you’ll reach speeds of around 152klm P/H, and Wakefield Park will be around 142klm P/H. A lap time of Sydney Motorsport Park is from 1.49min upwards. At Wakefield Park a lap time is from 1.06min upwards.

Rotax Max has 2 divisions, Light and Heavy. Light is a minimum combined weight of 165kg. Heavy is a minimum combined weight of 185kg.

The costs are very reasonable. A second hand kart can be from $2500 upwards. But $3500-$4500.00 is more like it. New from $8500.00. Running costs are so cheap. A full season in NSW between Sydney Motorsport Park and Wakefield would only reach around $6000.00. That’s 8-9 events and the budget incorporates everything, including accommodation! Tyres on these machines can last 4+ race meetings, that’s because on the “long tracks” you drive, not slide, so much less wear.

The best bang for your buck going around! The class has a great calibre of competitor. Great people, always willing to help others stay on the track.