250 / 450 National

The 250 National class is the entry level to 250cc racing. And it’s grunty and fast. Basically, this class shares the same chassis as it’s bigger brother the 250 International. The power plants are mostly from 250cc 2-stroke and 450cc 4-stroke motocross bikes. These engines generally undergo differing levels of modification for their application within Superkart racing, which will see these engines happily rev upwards of 10,000 rpm & make around 70HP with a total combined minimum weight of 208kg. They are capable of reaching speeds of 220km/h at our faster tracks. Our technical regulations (STR’s) allow for a wide scope of modifications to suit the most of savvy engine tuners.

Some of the key benefits of the 250 National class rests in the low running costs & the wide availability of spare parts. Couple this with performance & you can quickly see the major benefits come forward for those who desire performance. These karts are renowned for their reliability & longer periods of servicing engine components such as pistons & cranks.

Some would argue these big single cylinder engines can vibrate your tooth fillings out… this is somewhat correct when compared to other engines but it’s a factor that quickly dissipates as the fun rolls on & these big-thumpers deliver the excitement, lap after lap.

Here in NSW, we have everything you need to run, maintain and race a 250 National with support from the likes of Avoig Superkarts or Stockman Superkarts, combined with the friendly and helpful members, meaning there is always an affordable way to keep you on the track.

So come along to a meeting, see the sights and sounds of two strokes and smell the race fuel… Need we say more???