250 International (Formula E)

These lightning-fast pocket-rockets are the premiere class of Superkarting in Australia and around the world. With a combined class weight (kart and driver)
of 210kgs, they have a power to weight ratio impressive enough to make you weak at the knees. On NSW premier racing circuits, these machines can reach in excess of 220km/h and lay down lap times only to be rivalled by Australian Superbikes and V8 Supercars. Superkarts are currently lapping the GP circuit at Sydney Motorsport Park in the high 1min 27 bracket and the Goulburn-based Wakefield Park in the low 58 second bracket.

With the latest motors pushing horsepower to a reliable 90 hp mark revving to 1400rpm and utilizing 6 speed sequence gearboxes, the buzz when you open the slides is second to none. Incorporating full aerodynamic bodywork and four-wheel disc brakes they require a unique driving style that anybody can get a huge buzz from. They are physically demanding but when you get it right, it’s like bootcamp at 200km/h and 30mm off the ground.

The 250-inter is recognisable by its yellow number plates and black numbers. These machines have traditionally been powered by the grand prix style 250cc twin cylinder, two stroke power plants from manufacturers like Honda with its grunty RS250,  the bulletproof Yamaha TZ250 and the European influence coming in the way of the Rotax 250 inline.

Since the early 2000s,  the class has seen huge developments with the inline configuration motors and the introduction of “Superkart specific” motors from manufacturers like DEA,BRC ,FPE,PVP and the French VM (with its Australian development carried out by NSW life member Brian Stockman of Stockman Superkarts) seeing the horsepower levels rise and the lap times tumble.

A good club level kart will set you back around the $8000-$10 000 mark with a brand new package getting up around the $30 000 mark. However, don’t let these numbers daunt you! Get in touch with our amazing club, come and meet the friendly faces and get the right information. This a true club level form of motorsport that allows you to lap our countries circuits faster than your neighbour’s Ferrari and it all packs up into a box trailer.

Here in NSW, we have everything you need to run, maintain and race a 250-twin (affectionately known as) with support from the likes of Avoig Superkarts or Stockman Superkarts, combined with the friendly and helpful members, meaning there is always an affordable way to keep you on the track.