125 National

This class is the open 125 Gearbox class. It  is open to the use of motocross and GP 2-stroke 125cc engines and the newer ICC KZ kart engines (heavily modified). These engines are making in excess of 50hp and up to 200km/h. 125 Nationals are allowed to use full body kits & wings etc. and must have front & rear brakes.

Running costs are reasonable. It could be said that due to the fact that these engines have only one cylinder that they cost half as much as a twin cylinder 250 International Superkart, i.e. 1 piston & ring, one crankshaft, one set of reed petals etc.

The class weight for the 125 Open Gearbox Superkart is 180kg minimum (kart & driver). Some quite impressive lap times can be achieved in this class. Phillip Island (1:42), Sydney Motorsport Park GP circuit (1:37) and Wakefield Park (1:01).

Here in NSW, we have everything you need to run, maintain and race a 125 National with support from the likes of Avoig Superkarts or Stockman Superkarts, combined with the friendly and helpful members, meaning there is always an affordable way to keep you on the track.

So come along to a meeting, see the sights and sounds of two strokes and smell the race fuel… Need we say more???